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Your brand aesthetic and identity is one of the key elements of creating your message to consumers. At SoroStudio, we understand that encapsulating everything about your company and your values into your visual message can be a difficult task.

So, it’s a job that we take very seriously and one that we approach in the best possible way…

We take great care to learn everything about every company we work with and all of its constituent parts, like the owner, the brand manager and everyone that makes the enterprise what it is.

Our exhaustive ‘getting to know you’ consultation process gets to the very heart of all your likes, dislikes and exactly what makes you and your business tick.


Our transparent approach to the creative process means that you’ll be kept in the loop throughout. Whether it be building a brand, a brochure or website - you’ll know exactly what is going on at all times, thanks to our proactive and informative way of working.

Skipping any part of this discovery phase of designing your brand puts any designer

at a disadvantage, as the only way you can hope to embody a company’s whole

ethos and direction, is by knowing what it is, from top to bottom.

We see the designing of your brand as just the start of a journey, with our efforts geared towards creating growth, realising all of your business expectations and ultimately return on investment. There’s so much more to branding than just a logo, and at SoRo Studio, we act as your brand guardian, providing you with the guidance you need to make an eye-catching impact

across all of your print and digital marketing efforts.

We’re with you every step of the way of this journey, with the first step being

made on very solid foundations.

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