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My Black Dog is the only peer to peer online chat support in the UK. It’s unique. A charity supporting people experiencing mental illness.
Social media and marketing - Case Study - My Black Dog

My Black Dog – Digital and Print Marketing

My Black Dog is the only peer to peer online chat support in the UK. It’s unique. A charity supporting people experiencing mental illness. Support not provided by therapists or professional counsellors but by people who have been through the same issues, and volunteer their time to help others. Founded on the motto “talk to someone who gets it”, the free chat service puts people in touch with others who understand because they have been through it.

SoRo Studio was recommended by TaP Management to work with the charity. TaP, representing artists such as Ellie Goulding and Dermot Kennedy, was already an advocate. It was an opportunity not to be missed. SoRo Studio’s brief has included supporting their website, improving their SEO and managing their social media.

My Black Dog now appears in the top ten for all their keywords, and their SEO is going from strength to strength.

My Black Dog social media has to date concentrated on Insta and has increased followers from 100 to over 2000. This growth has been purely organic. This means there have been no paid-for ads but the number of followers has increased simply due to people being interested in the posts they have seen. Organic growth for a young company is great news. It’s cost-effective which is always important for any new business, but especially in the charity sector. The followers are genuinely interested and engaged: they have looked for the content, liked what they have seen, and stuck around to see and engage with more. Organic followers are loyal and authentic. Having a good rate of organic growth also opens the opportunity for different marketing approaches. Moving into paid ads once there is a strong organic base will show that there is quality content to engage with.

SoRo Studio has achieved such fantastic growth rates by having the goal of creating a community, in line with the ethos of the charity. Content is sharable: tips and reminders on how to manage mental health, deal with stress and reach out to others. A campaign, “#myblackdogis”, encouraged people to share what their “black dog” is. Celebrity Ambassadors joined in, such as Gail Porter, Kate Lawler and Dub Pistols.

Whilst it’s great for a marketing agency to be able to say that the social media following has increased by a massive 2000%, the real difference is what that means to the people the charity is reaching out to. Chats, that is contact from people needing support and help, have increased from around 40 a week to 40 a shift. To play a small role in getting the message out to people, and helping them find the help and support they need, is the real reward for the team at SoRo.

Niki Clarke, Founder of MyBlackDog says “The #myblackdogis campaign rolled out by SoRo helped us reach more people through Instagram and as a result we now have double our followers and a strong group of ambassadors that can talk about our cause. I cannot recommend them highly enough. 

SoRo have been absolutely fundamental to the growth of our brand and our outreach programme. SoRo Studio knows instinctively how to find the tone and imagery that resonates with our audience, there vision has been invaluable. The individual posts created for our Musicians for Mental Health Auction was key in promoting the auction and helping us raise funds. The team at SoRo are committed and passionate about helping us grow, it has been a pleasure to work with them.”

The marketing strategy will continue to evolve – maybe into paid ads and use of video. With a growing list of impressive Ambassadors, and sadly, increased demand for the service, making sure that people know that My Black Dog is there for them will remain a focus of SoRo Studio and the charity.

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