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Tom James won Suffolk Apprentice 2019 with his business plan for a mobile meditation station. “Reset & Chill” aims to improve wellbeing in the work environment by providing a safe and calm space for guided meditation sessions.
Creative branding design - Case Study - Reset & Chill

Reset & Chill

Tom James won Suffolk Apprentice 2019 with his business plan for a mobile meditation station. “Reset & Chill” aims to improve wellbeing in the work environment by providing a safe and calm space for guided meditation sessions.

As the winner of the eight-month-long competition, Tom was awarded a £5,000 cash prize, a year’s business coaching, a year’s accountancy, membership to the Institute of Directors and a new website build.

Just three months later covid hit which means, like many businesses, Tom has had to adapt.

With home working being a government instruction this year, he decided to put the mobile meditation station on hold and used his skills elsewhere to develop his ethos of “reset and chill”.

Tom’s passion is to support wellbeing and improve mental health. He was aware that in his crucial launch year, whatever he did, and however he pivoted his business plan to cope with covid, he needed to stay true to what had won him the Suffolk Apprentice award.

He asked SoRo Studio to work with him to develop a strong brand identity whilst giving him scope to flex his business plan. SoRo Studio provided marketing consultancy and branding.

Tom, like many business owners, has an understanding of marketing and started with ideas. “Being able to bounce ideas off SoRo Studio, and draw on there expertise and experience was great,” says Tom. “This was my baby, and whilst I had an idea of what I wanted to create, and how it should look, I couldn’t pin down the details. That was where SoRo Studio came in.”

Tom showed SoRo Studio a photo of a trip he had taken in Portugal. “The photo encompassed everything I was hoping to achieve”, explains Tom. “It was on that trip I developed my business plans, and had had the opportunity myself to “reset and chill”. I wanted to use the photo in my brand in some way.”

Creative Marketing - Reset and chill logo

SoRo Studio got involved at a time when the company name was decided but the website not yet built. She talked through not only Tom’s business plan, but his dreams and aspirations for the future, and suggested by adding “experience” it would allow one website and one brand identity to encompass several revenue streams. The website remains as “ResetandChill.com” with the home page showing “Reset & Chill experiences”. A logo was then produced which will again, allow for different branches of the company to be under one identity. For example, Reset and Chill Campers, or Reset and Chill Meditation.

“SoRo Studio worked with the colours of the photograph I showed them to produce the logo”, explains Tom “they produced a colour and font guide so I can now work with the web designer, who was part of the Suffolk Apprentice prize, to ensure consistency through my social media and website present”.

The colour theme, with tones of grey, orange, blue and white, promotes a calm and relaxing vibe, perfect for what Tom is aiming to achieve.

Tom has recently converted a VW into a luxury camper. It provides a calm and relaxing space. It balances the desire to get aware and be off-grid, with a luxurious feel including heating, hot water, a full-size shower and comfortable double bed. An experience that is beautifully described by his company name. He also has a second converted VW which he is renting out. Both fit under the logo “Reset and Chill – Campers”. He intends for his mobile meditation vehicle to be out on the road and in use by early 2021 which will sit under “Reset and Chill – Meditation”. Long term plans include yoga retreats, and more luxury glamping and camping options, which again will have their own tag line on the same logo, providing a consistent brand image.

“Working with SoRo Studio was great. They understood I needed a quick turnaround, and needed a brand which would grow with my company and apply whilst I adapted to the covid situation,” says Tom. “I now have branding and a logo that I can move forward with, and will be flexible as the company offer grows”.

As a full-service creative marketing agency, SoRo Studio works as an extension of your team, as and when needed. For Tom, and Reset & Chill, they provided marketing consultancy and branding. They worked with Tom’s ideas and developed them into a tangible logo and brand. They understood that a quick turnaround was needed and that the result needed to stand the test of time.

SoRo Studio doesn’t work with set packages. Once they get to know you, your business and what you want to achieve, they put together a plan to help you achieve those goals. Why not have a chat? Whether you want to chat by phone call, email, message or meet for coffee – they can flex to suit you.

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