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The dark art of hashtags

The dark art of hashtags


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Seriously, if you aren’t yet using hashtags to promote your brand on Instagram you are missing a pretty key feature of Instagram. Whilst using all 30 which are allowed every time may look spammy, you need to use enough for the algorithm, and the right ones for your audience. 


Read on…

After three months of SoRo managing a client’s Instagram account,  they got two new contracts simply through our use of hashtags exposing their brand. Not only have they now got new clients in America,  but their posts are obtaining 30,000 views after a change in hashtag strategy.

Mummu Instagram - hashtag strategy

Let’s start with the basics….

Hashtags make your content easier to find. People can search by hashtag. People can follow a hashtag. It’s Instagram’s version of a keyword search on Google.  Simply put, a hashtag will increase engagement by around 13%. Instagram will group or catalogue all posts with that hashtag together, allowing them to be found in a search. 

Get others to promote your brand.

How about if a nail polish brand creates a hashtag such as #sophiesnails. They can ask people who use the nail varnish to take photos of their own hands and use the hashtag. Suddenly you have a lot of content of different nail lengths, styles, colours, patterns – all advertising your nail polish brand. People will follow the hashtag, as well as your brand. Followers, and Influencers, will engage so they are featured. 

Don’t get lost in the #crowd.

The more specific you can be, the better traction you can get on the hashtag: instead of #nailart, using #retronailart. A business coach looking for female clients could use #femaleentrepreneurs instead of #entrepreneurs. 

Get your own brand hashtag.

Create your own hashtag whether that is your name, or your slogan –  #Nike #Justdoit.

Clients can share your work, thank you, tag you by using your own hashtag. 

Know the magic number (actually there isn’t one).

Insta lets you use up to 30 hashtags on a post, and 10 hashtags on a story, but that doesn’t mean you should use all 30. There are many different views out there as to what the optimal number is. It’s about quality, not quantity. Some top brands only use one or two hashtags, whilst other experts recommend using 9 – 11 to be noticed.

Know where to put the hashtags.

Some people put the hashtags in the first comment, whilst others prefer to keep them with the caption.

It’s a matter of style and how the post is being created. A well-spaced caption, followed by the hashtags is no different to a post that separates the caption by having the hashtags in the first comment. It needs to look clean and be easy to read: don’t lose the captions in the hashtag list. 

Don’t forget the point of Insta – the image.

The hashtag needs to match the photo and make sense.  Whilst people will find your post via hashtags, it is the image that engages them. 

Ready to #upyourgame? 

To grow your audience and be noticed you need a hashtag strategy. Check out what your competitors are doing, what your audience is doing, and measure to see the success of the hashtags you are using. 

We would love to help. Mummu, one of our B2B clients, gained traction, two new clients, and are getting 30,000 views on a post after we reviewed their hashtag strategy. That could be YOU!!